With all the developments in the field of interactive and digital communication, media consumption and cross-media production, the possibilities and considerations have multiplied.

Which of these developments are relevant for your organization or your project? Where is your audience, how can you reach them and what are the consequences for your internal processes, your budgets or your team?

With extensive knowledge of the creative, technical and project aspects of interactive media, I can give advice on the use, development and production of interactive and cross-media.


The process of developing an interactive or multi-media project is often complex. It's not only about the overall project scope and channels but also about managing expectations and stakeholders. I can oversee and manage all these aspects for you:

For organizations: Manage your project (or projects) as product owner and project or program manager. Help you to select, direct and support all third parties involved, like agencies and media production companies. Manage all your internal and external stakeholders and take care of budget and expectation management.

For agencies: Manage your project (or projects) as a project director, digital producer or from an account management role. Support your organization on an operational level to optimize project management and planning processes. And help you select, direct and support all third parties involved, like freelancers and media production companies.


House of Stories can organize tailored workshops about the creative and technical possibilities of interactive and digital media. These workshops have the aim to improve the online and cross-media knowledge and skills of your team and organization and give insight in the possibilities and challenges of developping and managing cross-media communication.